Social Skills Group

This group addresses appropriate peer interactions, problem solving skills, role playing, as well as general social/conversational skills required to have well-rounded inter-personal skills. With group discussions, your child will become more aware of how their peers perceive them in order to motivate them for improved social skills.

Articulation Group

Children require a forum to practice all they learn in individual articulation therapy in order to begin to generalize their abilities. This group will provide children an opportunity to apply what they’re learning in individual articulation therapy while a therapist provides prompting, modeling, and reinforcement.

Picky Eater Group

If your child has difficulties eating and/or managing various food textures, this group is ideal to help broaden his/her food repertoire. This group will target sensory issues related to eating and help your child become more comfortable with eating unfamiliar foods.

Handwriting Group

The developmentally based, flexible, and engaging Handwriting Without Tears™ program is an easy and effective way for children to develop good handwriting skills. Handwriting Without Tears™ uses entertaining and educationally sound instructional methods to teach handwriting to all students: pre-k through high school. This group is geared towards making handwriting fun and exciting using the Handwriting Without Tears Program. Children will engage in organized activities that make handwriting less difficult.

Yoga for Kids

This group is geared towards strengthening your child’s core, upper body, and lower body muscles for an overall improved body composition.

Parent Education/Parent Support

Little Wonders is proud to say that parent involvement is the key to a successful therapeutic program. Our therapists are here to help and share their knowledge in a manner that is beneficial for the parent and child. Parents and caregivers are given access to a variety of resources that will enable them to better meet their child’s developmental needs.